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Wheel Pad

Wheel Pad was specially designed for people with mobility issues such as spinal cord injuries or ALS and provides temporary or permanent living quarters attached to a friend or family member’s existing home.

Wheel Pad is designed for someone with a spinal cord injury learning to live in a wheelchair, staying with family or friends while a long term plan is being developed. It could be someone in need of hospice care who would rather be with family than in a facility or someone in need of a little extra help while they adjust to a new way of life with new mobility. Wheel Pad allows for people to be with family or friends so they can take a breath and determine for themselves the best, long-term solution.

Wheel Pad is optimized for maximum accessibility, firmness, commodity and delight. Raised to the level of the house with customized support, Wheel Pad can be equipped with a ramp to allow its inhabitant independent access to the outside.