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At Hasbrook & Hasbrook, we serve Oklahomans injured or wronged by the actions of others. As personal injury attorneys, we choose to represent people instead of corporations and insurance companies.

Holding Companies and Individuals Accountable for Personal Injury Keeps Oklahoma Safer

OKC’s first priority should be to keep its people safe. Treat others the way you want to be treated is one of the first things we learn as children, but our laws echo this: we must use reasonable care to keep others from the harm that we may cause.

The most common example Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys see is that all drivers must safely follow the rules of the road. Our Oklahoma state statutes at Title 47, Chapter 11, are even titled Rules of the Road. Under the law, drivers must use reasonable care while driving to prevent harm to others. As drivers, we expect other drivers to follow the law. A basic traffic intersection, for example, does not work when drivers refuse to follow the safety rules.

Getting Compensation After an OKC Accident

When a company or person chooses to break the safety rules, communities have an obligation to enforce those rules. Enforcement can occur by someone receiving a ticket or citation, and by taking legal action. This enforces accountability, and makes our communities safer. This accountability is ultimately decided by the local citizens of our community. Juries enforce the rules, and choose which rules to enforce.

Juries not only serve to prevent needless tragedy from happening to others, but to ensure that the wrongdoer is held accountable. This accountability can be in the form of compensatory damages. This is the amount of harm the wronged party has suffered. These damages are to compensate the injured party for how much they have been harmed and what has been taken from them. These damages, or harms and losses, is the amount of money that will reasonably and fairly compensate someone for the wrongful conduct. Factors to consider include: the physical/mental pain and suffering, age, physical condition before and after the incident; nature and extent/permanency of the injuries; disfigurement; loss of earnings/time; impairment of earning capacity; and, the reasonable expenses of the medical care and treatment.

Juries can also award punitive damages against a company or individual that has acted in reckless disregard of the rights of other and/or acted intentionally and with malice toward others. These damages are to punish, deter, and set an example for others. If you have been injured in Oklahoma City or surrounding areas, it is important that you take action quickly. Seeking proper medical treatment is your top priority, following by then seeking the help of an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Must Be Filed On Time

Generally, the time to bring a personal injury lawsuit in Oklahoma City is two years from the date of the personal injury accident. There are some instances though, where it is only one year or less. There are circumstances where a lawsuit against a governmental entity, for example, a city (like Oklahoma City) or county, must be filed in less than a year. Therefore, it is important to determine how long you have to file your claim or lawsuit. Depending on your situation, we will advise you of the deadline to file your lawsuit.