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Etac Turner ProEtac Turner Pro is a sit to stand aid with intuitive design and a small footprint

Etac Turner Pro is a turn aid with a functional design that offers safe patient turning with standing support. This turn aid enables a good posture and minimizes the risk of injury for the carer when transferring, moreover, it encourages natural standing and sitting movement for the user.

The only adjustment necessary is the height of the leg support and the handle. Thereafter, the transfer can be performed safely whilst the caregiver and user can maintain eye contact and communication. The orange handle provides a strong, high contrasting colour which can help users with impaired vision or dementia.

The small footplate makes it the perfect choice of transfer aid when transferring in tight spaces. Etac Turner Pro is easy to transport due to its low weight of only 7,5 kg, furthermore it is compact and easy to grip.