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enayball being used on a wheelchairEnayball is an art tool that enables anyone in a wheelchair, even the most severely paralysed, to draw.
The product attaches to the chair near the floor and, as the user moves their chair, paints a line on the surface below via a ball bearing. A remote feature allows the user to lift the nib off the surface, stopping and starting the line.

In the same way a single paint brush could be used to create the geometric shapes of a Picasso painting, or the wild drip paintings of a Jackson Pollock, the enayball allows for individual styles to develop and express.

  • With 360 degree movement, the enayball translates the smallest movements of your wheelchair into precise, powerful strokes.
  • The enayball can be adapted for virtually all wheelchairs and disabilities, and packs down to the size of an umbrella.
  • The detachable stylus accepts a wide range of colours and art media, giving full reign to the artist’s creativity.