Nearly 80 percent of people with spinal cord injuries have urinary complications, like incontinence or increased frequency, which can have a major effect on a person’s health and happiness.

The participating research teams at the Universities of Michigan, Minnesota, and Utah have created a study to examine how patients feel about their bladder management options. We hope to discover not only what does and does not work, but how to provide better care for people with spinal cord injuries in the future.

Contact one of research coordinators below for more information.

In Utah:
Vanessa Bello, NREMT-P

In Minnesota:
Kelly Ayd, RN

In Michigan:
Diana Covalschi, MPH

Study participants must meet the following criteria:

• Be 18 years of age or older
• Have a recent or past spinal cord injury
• Be willing to participate in a 15 minute phone enrollment interview
• Commit to completing questionnaires about their health and quality of life related to their bladder management and spinal cord injury every three months for one year.

Patients will receive $50 at the beginning of the study and $50 upon completion of 5 surveys at the end of one year and can participate from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

This is a Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute Sponsored Study.

The study is being coordinated by the Neurogenic Bladder Research Group: University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT; University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN; University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan; Western University Ontario, Canada

Please visit for more information.